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  • Bursa GoTürkiye

    Get ready to be part of a unique city! Just sit for a moment and think about all the beautiful things once you’ve seen and adored. Nature, history, fun, art… It is possible to experience all this in one place; Bursa. 2022 Cultural Capital of the Turkic World!



    In 1492, It was built by Bayezıt II to generate income for its mosque and madrasah in İstanbul.



    To most Turkish people, Bursa is a city of thermal baths and Armutlu has one of the biggest thermal springs of Bursa. It was built by Murat I in 1394 as a double bath.



    Iskender Efendi, son of Mehmet, in 1867; In his shop in Kayhan, Bursa, stacking the meat (lamb) on a skewer placed horizontally on the charcoal and serving the meat on pide bread with tomato sauce and yoghurt on the side.



    Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, reflects the early period of Ottoman Culture. Cumalıkızık is a village from that period, a place where time seems to have stopped.



    5000-acre mangrove where river, lake, swamp, dunes, and forest combine into one – each with its own fascinating ecosystem is located in Karacabey.

    48 hours

    in Bursa

    In the morning, start the day by tasting Turkish tea at a breakfast in the Koza Inn.



    10 vibes for Bursa

    like locals

    Take the gondola to Uludağ. In the wintertime, Uludağ is a snowy wonderland. In the summer, the mountain is a cool, refreshing escape from heat and humidity of the city.