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    Armutlu Bath

    To most Turkish people, Bursa is a city of thermal baths and Armutlu has one of the biggest thermal springs of Bursa. It was built by Murat I in 1394 as a double bath.

    The walls of the building are laid with stone and brick. The cold section with a large fountain in the middle is covered with a dome. The dome, which covers the hot room, sits on circular arches. Columns and capitals and the mouth of the lion, whose mouth is pouring hot water by the pool, are from the Byzantine period.

    Silk Fabric, Towels

    Bursa, one of the last stops and important centers of the Silk Road route in Anatolia, is known as a city identified with silk and sericulture. Silk production was once the most profitable industry  of Bursa. Silk obtained from cocoons played a major role in Bursa's becoming a textile center.

    The towel weaving on hand looms since the 18th century, comes from Bursa, velvet woven for Ottoman palaces in the 15th century is likewise from here.  Today, a plethora of towels, bathrobes. Silk scarves and fabrics are available in the bazaars of the city.

    Anatolian Automobile Museum

    Anatolian Automobile Museum is Türkiye's first and only Museum of automobiles. Formerly a silk factory, the complex covers a total area of ​​17,000 square meters, was restored and opened as a museum on 28 June 2002. Cars in the museum; The vibrant and influential cornerstones of thousands of years of car industry and culture in Anatolia are valuable and meaningful products of Anatolian design history.

    Karagöz Museum

    Karagöz and Hacivat are the names of the two puppet characters who have been immortalized by a master puppeteer named Şeyh Küsteri.  He was a native of Bursa. A monument commemorating Karagöz and Hacivat was built where the master’s tomb is.

    The Karagöz Museum, located right across the mausoleum, is a cultural center where different activities are held in addition to the traditional shadow play performances.

    Cable Park

    It’s Türkiye's first cable water ski facility, realize the dream of skiing 365 days in Bursa. Those who enjoy skiing on the white slopes of Uludağ in winter, also enjoy this pleasure in summer.

    It built on 100 acres of land, serves as a complete sports facility with an island, pond, children's playground, walking and jogging paths, restaurant, cafe, sportswear shops and water ski school.