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  • 48 hours

    in Bursa

    First Day

    In the morning, start the day by tasting Turkish tea at a breakfast in the Koza Inn. Then, you can visit the Muradiye Complex, the Green Mosque and Ulu Mosque in the city center. You will get rest in the shadows of trees in Green Mosque.

    Yes, you absolutely deserve Bursa's famous İskender Kebab for lunch. Bursa offers you many local restaurants option for eating best İskender Kebab’s.

    For the afternoon, visiting Uludağ seems like the one of the best options. It’s not far from city center, it’s 36 km south of Bursa.

    You can enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurants of Uludağ, or drive back to the city center and find a different delicacies.

    Second Day

    Let’s start the  second day in Bursa by visiting the Cumalıkızık Village. It’s 11 kilometers away from Bursa city center. The village is notable for its houses, which are excellent examples of the civil architecture of the Ottoman period you will step into a time capsule of wooden houses, narrow streets and monumental trees.

    You can choose  an unforgettable breakfast  or a good lunch in the village.

    Then, go to Grand Bazaar and visit the inns selling towels in the Grand Bazaar area and buy souvenirs towels for your family or friends.

    Before the evening, let’s visit Anatolian Cars Museum and discover the influential cornerstones of thousands of years of car industry and culture in Anatolia.

    At the end of the day, don't forget to buy souvenirs specific to Bursa like Anjelika Jam, Pide with tahini or Candied Chestnut.